220 Charming Old Lady Names That Are Making a Comeback for Baby Girls

Old Lady Names for Baby Girls Starting With Letter L

111. Lavinia
112. Leonora
113. Letitia
114. Lila
115. Lois
116. Lottie
117. Louisa
118. Louise
119. Lu
120. Lucasta
121. Lucia
122. Luciana
123. Lucille
124. Lucinda
125. Lucretia
126. Luisa
127. Lydia

Janna Firestone
Janna Firestone
Janna lives in Northern Colorado with her husband and two teenage boys. You’ll often find her hiking, paddleboarding, or enjoying a good board game indoors. She's an unapologetic Dallas Cowboys fan, and an even bigger fan of coffee, dry shampoo, and authentic conversations.

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