220 Charming Old Lady Names That Are Making a Comeback for Baby Girls

5 Biblical Old Lady Names for Babies

We’re familiar with Eve, Mary, and Sarah, but have you considered some of the lesser-known old woman names in the Bible? Those at flo.health, compiled 70 biblical old female names.

  1. Abilene: Meaning grass
  2. Eunice: Meaning good victory
  3. Jewel: Meaning delight
  4. Tereh: Meaning earth
  5. Zibiah: Meaning bird

5 Ancient Greek Names for Baby Girls

Whether you’re considering cute old lady names or something a bit more modern, consider these names from ancient Greece. Oldest.org, compiled 25 old names for girls, and here are just five of them.

  1. Acantha: Meaning prickle or thorn. In Greek mythology, there was a nypmh who was loved by Apollo and given this name.
  2. Calliope: Meaning beautiful voice.
  3. Echo: In Greek mythology, Echo’s love for Narcissus was not returned. Only her voice was left when she faded from existence.
  4. Kore: Meaning maiden.
  5. Xanthe: Meaning yellow or golden. Xanthe is the goddess of agriculture and harvesting.

Janna Firestone
Janna Firestone
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