Raising Strong Believers: How to Teach Kids About God’s Character

Psalm 118:6a, “The Lord is on my side.”

When you live in this place of knowing God is gracious and kind towards you, you can advocate for your child instead of focusing on his faults or quirks.

Because God looks past your behavior, you can look past your child’s behavior, attitude, and personality to his heart. You can see him as an image-bearer of God. You can let your child know you are on his side no matter how he acts.

 3. God expects your humanness and is never angry because of it.

Relationship with God happens regardless of our growth or lack thereof. The Christian life will never be one of constant uphill growth. And God knows that. He doesn’t expect the impossible. He’s not disappointed or angry when we fail yet again.

No, He is always there to pick us up. To hold our hand. To catch our tears. To encourage us to try one more time. To love us. To accept our frailty.

Psalm 103:14 – “For he knows our frame; he remembers that we are dust.”

When you know your humanity is accepted, you too can expect failure from your child without letting it impact your love for him.

Children are going to mess up most every day (or even hour!). Spills, messes, meltdowns, defiance, selfishness, lack of respect, whining, complaining – all of these are normal, human deeds. Anger in these situations occurs when you focus on how these things impact you instead of loving your child in spite of his actions.

4. God cares for your broken heart. He never trivializes your hurt.

God’s immense love and compassion are constant. Not just when there is real, actual suffering, but when your broken heart is caused by something that wasn’t even good for you. God draws close to you even when you’re upset because you didn’t get your way or when you’re hurt over something petty or superficial.

God never tells you to simply get over it. He doesn’t roll His eyes and sigh at how silly you’re being. He doesn’t send you away until you can compose yourself. No, He comes close, enters your pain. He deigns to view life from your perspective and hold you close through your hurt.

Carol Johnson
Carol Johnsonhttp://findingrhythmsenjoyinglife.com
Hi! I’m Carol, a down-to-earth gal who loves Jesus, my main man, Mark, my little fella, J, and (most days) our golden-doodle pup. I love to lead others away from religion and rules and into greater intimacy with Jesus through teaching, writing, and providing practical resources.

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