Raising Strong Believers: How to Teach Kids About God’s Character

As you receive these graces into your life as gifts, your thoughts, emotions and attitudes change. These in turn influence and change your behavior.

  • You exhibit more patience.
  • Your tone of voice is different.
  • You can give from the overflow of what you are experiencing.
  • You are more accepting.
  • You are more resilient – you never give up.
  • You are kinder and more tender.

So, don’t focus on what you need to change or what you need to do to practically live out Psalm 86:15. Instead…

Meditate on Psalm 86:15

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Spend time with each truth. Ask yourself

When did God relate to me in that way?

What feelings or reactions fill my heart as I think of God relating to me in this way?

What do I want to say to God in response?

Do this for a few months. Then reflect on the changes.

You’ll be surprised at what God accomplishes in your heart and what starts to spill out to your child as you internalize His word and truth. God’s Word really is living and active, changing me, changing you, and even shaping your child’s view of God!


This post was originally published at findingrhythmsenjoyinglife.com, published with permission. 

Carol Johnson
Carol Johnsonhttp://findingrhythmsenjoyinglife.com
Hi! I’m Carol, a down-to-earth gal who loves Jesus, my main man, Mark, my little fella, J, and (most days) our golden-doodle pup. I love to lead others away from religion and rules and into greater intimacy with Jesus through teaching, writing, and providing practical resources.

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