10 Things Teachers Really Want To Tell Parents

4. Schools are most effective with discipline when there is support from home.

If parents, schools, and outside services work together, we can solve almost any problem a student is having. If parents don’t back us up at home, we don’t stand a chance. Natural consequences in middle school are there to teach and correct behavior. If students throws food at lunch, they may lose the privilege of eating lunch with their friends for a day or two. Your support of the consequence helps us help your child.

5. Don’t judge a situation by just hearing your child’s side of the story.

If your child comes home and tells you about something that happened at school, don’t jump to conclusions until you’ve done a little investigation on your own. Making sure you have the full picture will help you in making a sound decision on how to proceed. If you find you have a legitimate concern, we want to help make it right. Please don’t slam your teacher in front of your child, even if you believe the teacher was wrong. This may give the student the impression that it is okay to be rude or disrespectful.

6. It’s okay to let your kids fail.

Middle school is a perfect time to practice failing. You’d be surprised how many parents do their children’s homework. When your children were learning to walk, you let them fall down so they could learn to pick themselves back up. If you step in every time your children forget to turn in a paper or fail a test, you are not allowing them to figure out for themselves how to get back up.

Pete Larson
Pete Larson
Pete Larson is the Executive Director of Family Fest Ministries in Bloomington, Minnesota. Family Fest seeks to strengthen families in the Christian Faith through week long and weekend retreats for families. Family Fest also has developed and leads the Marriage Booster Retreat for couples. Pete often speaks on marriage, parenting and families at family camps, men’s and women’s groups, conferences and retreats. Connect with Pete to learn more about Family Fest Ministries. Pete grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota as the 9th of fourteen children. He lives in Bloomington, Minnesota with his wife, Lynn, and their sons, Dan and Tim. Contact Pete at Family Fest Ministries, and check out his writing at 1 Corinthians 13 Parenting. 

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