8 Truths Christian Moms Should Know

Truth #1: While the world wants you at your best, your family just wants you. In the workplace, there’s little room for error. One mistake and you could be fired. But in motherhood, there is more job security. There is more love, forgiveness, and grace. Your family isn’t looking to replace you because the truth is, nobody can.

Truth #2: You’re the perfect imperfect person to raise your children. God matched you with your children for a reason. Your gifts and experiences are are precisely what they need to thrive, so pray for guidance and ask God to help you, for He wants you to succeed.

Truth #3: Sometimes your kids will thrive because of you. Sometimes they’ll thrive in spite of you. Even your best efforts and worst mistakes can’t match His sovereign power. So before taking too much credit for a child’s success, or panicking that your misstep will ruin their life forever, remember who holds the cards. God gives your children their gifts and opportunities – and He can redeem any mistake and use it for good.

Truth #4: A healthy family begins with a healthy mom. Do you have passions that feed your soul? Do you make time for friendships? Is there an interest beyond your family that brings you alive? When you nurture yourself as a person, you have more to offer your family. It makes you happy to come home and them happy to see you.

Truth #5: No child has to fail so your child can succeed. God has a plan for everyone to excel, and believing this helps build community.

Truth #6: Every season of parenting is special. When you wish away that hard parts of a season, you wish away the good parts too. Enjoy the upside of where you are, knowing that it too is temporary.

Truth #7: Children grow up and leave, but your spouse and friends stay. Nurturing your marriage and/or friendships sets you up to enjoy an empty nest.

Truth #8: The measure of a great mom is not productiveness. It’s obedience. If your to-do list does not get done because someone you love requires more time or attention, you’re doing God‘s will. You’re building God’s kingdom and shaping the hearts that will shape the future.

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Kari Kampakis
Kari Kampakis
Kari Kubiszyn Kampakis is a mom of four girls, as well as an author, speaker, and blogger from Birmingham, Alabama. Her new book for moms, LOVE HER WELL: 10 WAYS TO FIND JOY AND CONNECTION WITH YOUR TEENAGE DAUGHTER, launches August 18 and can be pre-ordered through online retailers. Her two books for teen and tween girls, Liked: Whose Approval Are You Living For? and 10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know, have used widely across the country for youth group studies. Join Kari on FacebookTwitter, and The Girl Mom Podcast, or by visiting www.karikampakis.com.

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