I’m a…Different Kind of Dance Mom

“Do you miss dancing?”

As an amateurish hobby of mine, I love expressing myself in a complete departure from my first love – writing. From high school to early adulthood, dance was a large part of my life.

I started the first high school dance team in my high school district.
I taught dance for a few years at an adorable school in Tarpon Springs, Florida.
I attended touring dance conferences.
I took classes at a local studios when I could.

But these days I don’t dance. 

Other things in my life have taken top bill. Now my days are long and full of multi-tasking and balancing acts. Between quality time with family, working, and engaging with my community, I still need to fit in meal planning, bottle making, blog writing, and sleep. These days I don’t dance.

It’s been years since I’ve taken a dance class, registered for a dance conference, and taught 5-year-olds to shuffle-step.





In 2007 I had the opportunity to meet Mia Michaels, a well-accomplished choreographer whose art I highly admired. She signed a shirt for me and wrote “Dance Forever.” Even though the Sharpie writing has faded over time, I still wear it. Once I stopped pursuing dance, I felt like I had broken the cardinal rule she set for me. I had stopped; I wasn’t dancing forever.

But that’s definitely not true. I haven’t stopped dancing and I never will. 

I don’t dance like I used to, but I still dance. 

But last night I danced my son to sleep to the tunes of Lone Bellow and Regina Spektor.
This morning I bounced around my kitchen with my daughter and giggled back and forth about our silly moves.
And this Sunday night I’m going to cue music in my church’s kid’s ministry and lead the toddlers in a rousing game of Dancing Simon Says.

I don’t dance like I used to, but I still dance. 

This blog post features a photo from National Dance Day Orlando, which my sweet friend Holly Harris has initiated for the city of Orlando. In 2015, over 600 of dancers attended free classes by dozens of local choreographers and dance institutions. It’s truly and honor to have had a front row seat watching my friend bring such a beautiful and collaborative event to her city.

This article originally appeared at AndreaWolloff.com.

***Feature photo: Dance Moms on Twitter

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