Every Week, They Wanted Me to Abort. Did They Get a Prize for ‘Selling’ Me On An Abortion?

While the New York abortion “rights” bill signed on the 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade cast a shadow of grief over the pro-life community over the last year, stories like that of Kate Bledsoe Mckinney are shining a ray of light in the darkness.

With the passing of multiple abortion bills in various states, Kate is one of many women offering hope and encouragement by sharing her personal story about refusing doctor recommendations to terminate her baby.

After she was told by medical professionals that her son had 0% chance of survival, Kate felt her mind flashback to the horrid memory of 10 years prior, when doctors advised her to abort her now happy and healthy twin girls.

Choosing to rely on the faith and the power of our sovereign God, this brave mama threw those ‘statistics’ out the window and prayed for a miracle.

In a viral Facebook post, Kate details the miraculous journey that resulted in the birth of her beautiful baby boy, all because she had the courage to choose life:

“I have wanted to share our story for awhile, but as you all know, I don’t post much on social media. With everything our country is going through, I can’t think of a better time to bite the bullet and do it.

Bobby and I found out, in March of last year, that we were going to be parents again. After a tough miscarriage a few months before, we were beyond excited. We decided to wait until after the first trimester to share the news.

At 16 weeks, we were scheduled for our anatomy scan to find out if it was a boy or girl. It seemed like everyone was rooting for a boy (since we have 3 girls), but we were rooting for healthy! It’s no secret that I was considered ‘old’ in the maternal world and that came with extra risks.

On that day, not only did we find out that we were going to be having a boy, but we also found out that our baby had an anomaly, and we needed to see a specialist right away. The only info we had was that there was some fluid on the back of his neck that could be a number of different things, none of which were good. We left the doctor that day quite deflated.

It was an excruciating two weeks before I was able to see a specialist. At 18 weeks, I was told that the fluid on the back of the neck was so large that our baby boy would not survive. No chance at all. He had a cystic hygroma. This meant he could have any number of trisomies, a structural defect, or one of his organs may not develop properly. I was encouraged to go ahead and terminate. In fact, they could even do it that same day. It was nothing to them. Of course, I started crying…enough that the Dr. decided to leave the room to let me gather myself. All I could think about was Emma and Ella 10 years ago. We were told they only had a 32.8% chance for both to be born alive. I was encouraged to terminate them, also. I couldn’t believe I was here again. When he came back, I told him that there was no way I was terminating. He then told me about the risks of continuing the pregnancy and what would happen during a stillbirth. He was still trying to persuade me to abort.

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