The Simple Trick to Getting Your Children to Obey Without Nagging

No, in reality, he calmly, often without a word, writes me a ticket.  And that is the most effective means in the universe of getting me to slow down.  He isn’t punishing me, that piece of paper that’s going to cost me is, and it reminds me that ultimately it’s MY fault.

If we could implement this strategy with our children, I think disciplines would be learned much easier, and Mom could remain the “good guy”, calmly teaching life’s lessons about actions and consequences.

Establish the expectations, set the consequences, enforce.  This really shouldn’t be so hard!  But let me know if you have managed it.


This article originally appeared at Generation Cedar.

Kelly Crawford
Kelly Crawford
Kelly Crawford is a Christian, a wife, a mom, a blogger at Generation Cedar, an author, a speaker and an introvert. She and her husband, Aaron, enjoy a quiet life (except for the 10 noisy kiddos) in the South.

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