It’s Weird That We Think Having Lots of Kids Is Weird (And That’s Bad)


“They are so smug trying to see how many babies they can have. They believe that more babies makes you more godly.”

Nonsense. All of it.

Why can’t I just have babies because that’s normal? Oh, wait, because that would make NOT having babies not normal. See, like shaving heads.

Weird, I tell you.

But the more important point in this post is not that I don’t want to be weird anymore. The stigma of having too many children will have serious implications for all of us. We are about to suffer a serious demographic implosion (and that doesn’t even include spiritual repercussions for Christians) as an aging population who thought children were too much of a burden becomes a heavier burden on their now-grown children staggering under the depleted workforce too small to keep up with caring for them.

The truth is, God knows a little bit about His Creation. And when we stray too far from the way He ordered it, we pay.

My whole point? It shouldn’t be weird to have children, even if you choose otherwise. And the fact that it is will cost us dearly.

God doesn’t think having kids is weird, and neither should we.


This article originally appeared at Generation Cedar.

Kelly Crawford
Kelly Crawford
Kelly Crawford is a Christian, a wife, a mom, a blogger at Generation Cedar, an author, a speaker and an introvert. She and her husband, Aaron, enjoy a quiet life (except for the 10 noisy kiddos) in the South.

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