It’s REALLY That Bad. The Secret of the Hidden Children

It seems bad, or, at least, it should seem bad. The numbers are enormous; it’s talked about with such urgency and you can’t deny it’s a problem. And yet… it’s just not convincing.

You glance at the image again and the phrases run through your mind.

“There’s such a need for foster parents.”

“Our county is in a crisis.”

“Children are being placed 4 hours away because there aren’t enough foster homes to take them.”

So why doesn’t it feel real? Urgent? As desperate as they make it out to be?

You’re sure they’re not lying about this…and yet, if it’s really that bad, where are all the kids?

Why don’t you see them? Know about them?

What’s up with that?


Your question is valid and needed. This might help.

Do you pay attention to the news? Not the big national stuff, but the local news? You know, the store that opened downtown, the food drive happening at the elementary school, the local arrests for drugs or domestic violence?

That news? Well, that is where the need for foster parents is hiding. It’s not broadcast or announced, it can’t be, but if you ask yourself one simple question you’ll start to see it.

What if there were kids involved?

The arrest for domestic violence.

What if there were kids involved?

The shooting at the 7-11.

What if there were kids involved?

The home raided for drugs.

What if there were kids involved?

The media won’t tell you about it, but many times, there are.

There are kids involved.

Sarah Harmeyer
Sarah Harmeyer
Sarah is a foster and adoptive mom. She writes at about real life in order to share real encouragement. Because, without the real and the ugly she can’t share hope, answers, or, when it looks like there are no answers, comfort.

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