For the Mama Who’s Tired of Diet Culture

Recently, I wrote on Instagram about my feelings on being tired of diet culture and I realized how many people felt the same, felt frustrated with their bodies, social media, TV, and just exhausted by it all.

I’m realizing how many toxic messages that women are taught every single day about their bodies, what makes them valuable and what body type they should strive after. Even when women try to go against the grain, we are constantly bombarded with the idea that we are not enough.

We aren’t pretty enough, skinny enough, rich enough… but these eye lash extensions will get you closer…

so will eating a handful of almonds for every meal….

and exercising like you don’t have a job….

Also, lip fillers will really make you more valuable….

Well, I’m TIRED…and honestly, saddened by how I’ve seen this effect so many women that are absolutely stunning, yet they are so focused on where they need to be, that they can’t stop and see how beautiful they are right now.

I think the closer I get to 40, I’ve gained new perspectiveI’ve seen people get to that latter parts of their lives still in major bondage and it’s heartbreaking.

No one wants to admit it, for fear that they may look shallow and influencers promote dieting, and changing their bodies on a normal basis.

You are the black sheep, if you actually decide to love your body right now exactly how it is.

You see, I look back on pictures when I was a size 4 or size 6, before kids. I remember not liking my thighs, thinking I should have a flatter stomach, frustrated I had stretch marks from growing so quickly and then from having 3 babies.

That’s insane. My body was beautiful and yet I was never happy with it. I would constantly compare myself with others feeling that I fell short.

I’m 37 and I have spent WAY to much of my life like this.

Jehava Brown
Jehava Brown
Hello Friends! I’m Jehava, the owner and creator of Onlygirl4boyz; a lifestyle blog. I am a stay-at-home mom to 3 energetic and sweet boys. I am also the wife of my best friend. I share tips on parenting, relationships, faith, travel, and some yummy recipes! I hope this space will encourage you and help you to find joy in the chaos of life! Follow me on Instagram.

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