Mom Freaked About Holiday Cleaning Closes Living Room For an Entire Month, Becomes Internet Hero

I love the way she stipulated that the COULD enter the living room IF and ONLY IF they have showered and are wearing freshly laundered clothing! HA! In my house, the teen boy would basically just HAVE to stay out of the living room under those circumstances! Denbow says so far, neither he nor his brother have dared enter.

Photo: Nick Denbow via BuzzFeed

Denbow soon began getting hundreds of tweet replies from people who obviously recognized his mom’s genius, and it’s now been retweeted 14,000 times!!

Holiday Cleaning

It also gave folks some PARENTING GOALS!

Holiday Cleaning


Holiday Cleaning

As epic and funny as Keylor’s sign is, her son Nick said he doesn’t ACTUALLY believe the living room will be closed for the next three weeks.

“She’s mostly joking about ‘closing’ it haha,” he said. “She just wants us to keep it clean and decided that putting a sign and tape up would make that clear.”

Holiday Cleaning
Photo: Nick Denbow via BuzzFeed

Nick, from a mom’s perspective, I’d DOUBLE CHECK with her before you start using the living room again — just to be sure!

Well done, Mrs. Keylor! You’ve got me wishing my house was laid out differently so I could use this strategy myself!

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