Mamas Grow Up, Too 

The day we come home with our babes – our brains are completely rewired. We count diapers, track feedings, monitor weight, the hue of their skin, the frequency and duration of naps, amount of eye contact made, the color of their poop, their bodily awareness, etc…etc…etc. It. is. never. ending.

We rejoice at each milestone; give thanks for each ounce gained.

We sniffle as we pack away clothes each time a zipper fails to move over their squishy legs and baby rolls.

Every gathering inevitably features some form of recognition of their growth, their temperament, their development.

And that is a good and glorious thing.

Chelsey Mead
Chelsey Mead
Chelsey is a mama of two, wife, writer, and social justice worker in the Washington DC area. When she’s not chasing her littles or trying to avoid dairy, you can find her working in the anti-trafficking field serving victims. As a two time hyperemesis and postpartum depression survivor, Chelsey was moved by her own moments of motherhood challenges to create a safe space for women to just be. In 2016, she founded The Cold Coffee Diaries - a postpartum community for mamas from all walks of life. Armed with vulnerability, leftover coffee, and spit-up somewhere on her person - she seeks to encourage fellow tiny human raisers to keep their needs and growth a priority.

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