Mom Guilt Season is Upon Us

This year, we will happily and as carefree-ly as possible continue to wake up, brush our teeth, brush our hairs, get dressed and head to school, daycare, and camps with the joy of summer in our smiles, and the pang of monotony in our meltdowns. We will be grateful for jobs we love and extra thankful when the weekend rolls around. If you’re with me mama — your heart filled with a dash of sadness and the twinge of FOMO as summer quickly approaches — I really have nothing but this statement of solidarity. You are not alone, and we can do hard things.

I wish you weeknights on the driveway, weekends at the pool and a margarita with your name on it every Friday at 5.


This post originally appeared at Please Bring Coffee, published with permission.

Megan Brammeier
Megan Brammeier
Megan Brammeier is a wife, mom to three daughters and Advertising Creative Director. In her not-so-spare time she enjoys writing unpublished children’s books and honest tales of motherhood on her blog, Please Bring Coffee.  For more relatable parenting follow her at or on Facebook.

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