None of Us Have it Together, Mama, So Stop Comparing

And do you know what else we all have? We’re real. Human. In the flesh, mamas doing the best we can.

I don’t care if you breastfeed or bottle feed.

If you co-sleep or sleep train.

If you feed your child only organic or you just went through the McDonald’s drive-thru.

If you are a make everything from scratch or a ready-made, bring in Krispy Kremes to the bake sale kind of mama.

You are a good mama. Stop comparing. Stop thinking the grass is greener on the other side, because it’s not.

There is always going to be someone who is skinnier, whose kids are more well-behaved than ours, who somehow manage to find a babysitter every Friday night. Mama’s who are Martha Stewart in the flesh, who make a mean casserole and whose crafting skills put yours to shame.

But can I tell you a secret? I guarantee someone somewhere, right now is looking at you thinking the exact same thing, “Why can’t I be more like her?”

So do me a favor. When you feel like you are the only one who can never get it together, remember that we are ALL right there with you.

Don’t be afraid to show your messy, sister. Wear it with pride, because your messy? It means you’re living. And that perfect mom? She doesn’t exist.

Jennifer Thompson
Jennifer Thompson
Jennifer is a working mom, blogger, wife, and mama to one rambunctious little boy. Surviving motherhood with a good laugh, dance parties, lots of coffee and a glass of wine. Follow along with her blog for the not so perfect, unorganized and unfiltered working mom at

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