Ms. Rachel is Back!—YouTube Star Returns to TikTok With Important Message About Boundaries

Others echoed the sentiment:

“We need name’s please. No one messes with our co-parent.”

Although Ms. Rachel has not directly identified the source of harm and stress, it’s likely that she’s referring to a series of videos posted by moms who identify as “conservative” or “traditional,” who have recently taken issue with the fact that one of Ms. Rachel’s co-stars, Jules Hoffman, uses they/them pronouns.

Hoffman, who has appeared alongside Ms. Rachel on “Songs for Littles” for three years, identifies as they/them, according to their TikTok page and their biography on the “Songs for Littles” website.

Hoffman’s use of they/them pronouns was recently highlighted in a TikTok posted by a “stay at home, homeschool mom,” who posted a video with the caption, “When miss Rachel introduces they/them/their pronouns so you have to stop watching her.”

The video generated thousands of comments from all sides, sparking widespread debate, with many blindly “cancelling” Ms. Rachel based solely on this user’s hateful video.

Many commenters noted they had not seen the topic addressed on the YouTube show, only on Hoffman’s personal TikTok page.

“We’re not cancelling Ms. Rachel in this Christian household,” wrote one user, who noted there are “no conversations about Jules’ gender identity” on the show.

Another noted that Ms. Rachel doesn’t teach personal pronouns in any of her videos.

Bri Lamm
Bri Lamm
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