OB-GYN’s Hysterical Answers to Pregnancy Questions Will Make You Cry-Laugh All Day

As soon as a pregnancy test comes up positive, a new mom is FILLED with endless pregnancy questions: what do I eat, what do I drink, how much should I exercise, how much weight should I gain…etc! The questions keep flowing through 40 weeks of pregnancy and into the first months of motherhood. There is simply a VERY steep learning curve when it comes to becoming a mom!

One mama to be recently got a big laugh during a visit to her OB-GYN’s office when some of those burning pregnancy questions were answered…with a hilarious page full of satire. Delighted by her doc’s sense of humor, this mom took a photo of the Q&A and posted it to reddit, where it quickly went viral.I LOL’ed my way through this WHOLE darn list, but here are a couple of my favorites!

Q. Should I have a baby after 35?

A. No, 35 children is enough.

Ha ha ha! In a day and age when women are having children later and later in life (and starting to have their FIRST children later as well), this seems oh-so-relevant and hysterical!

Q. My wife is 5 months pregnant and so moody that sometimes she’s borderline irrational.

A. So what’s your question?

Seriously! Maybe you should stop talking!

Q. Is there anything I should avoid while recovering from childbirth?

A. Yes, pregnancy.

I remember in our hospital discharge class, the nurse saying “You need to abide by that 6-week rule because you are NEVER more fertile than right after you’ve had a baby! So if you don’t want to be back here in 10 months, don’t have sex!” A couple of days post-c-section and feeling like I was gonna DIE with every step I took, that was enough for me! LOL.

Here’s the whole hilarious list of questions!

I’ve got to add that last one to my list of favorites, too…although I still have YEARS to go until I can tell you whether or not it’s true! LOL. Kind of.

Which question cracked you up the most?

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