Hey Kids! The More Time You Spend With Mom, the Longer She’ll Live

This gives me a couple different takeaways: First, I need to make it a priority to spend time with my parents as they age! My grandmother is still alive at 92, and my other grandmother lived until age 95. Both had family in and out of their houses multiple times a week for years as long as they lived at home, and my 92-year-old grandma who now has Alzheimer’s and is in an assisted living is still visited by family several times a week. If I want my parents to have long lives, and I do, I need to be there for them. (Note: Mom and dad, please move back to Ohio. That would help.) Secondly, I need to make my home one of family fun and togetherness so my kids will want to spend time with ME even after they are grown. I am so blessed because even though I am 40 years old and my siblings are all older, we still really enjoy spending time together and spending time with our parents as well. I want my kids to have their own happy family lives like this when they are grown, but also want them to have a family that they continue to ENJOY long after they have left the nest.

One of my favorite quotes about family is "Love like there is no tomorrow, and if tomorrow comes, love again." A new study makes it especially applicable. #Moms #MotherLove #Motherhood #ForEveryMom

So, Mamas — go call yours! And start planting seeds of love and fun in your home that will keep your kids coming back just for fun when they have families of their own. It will help ALL of you have longer, more abundant lives!

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