15-Yr-Old Was Groomed On Facebook, Brutally Raped & Murdered. Her Parents Beg You to See Her Viral ‘Love Story’


After getting her drunk and sexually assaulting her, he took her over to his neighbor’s house, Stephen Beadman.

Beadman, a landscape gardener, raped and murdered Kayleigh on some farmland near his property.

Using a brick and her fingernails, Kayleigh tried relentlessly to fight off her attacker, but to no avail.


Harlow was an avid horror film fanatic. His fantasy turned out to be Kayleigh’s worst nightmare.

Harlow was sentenced to 12 years and Beadman was sentenced to 35, but that time served can never buy the Haywoods back a single second with their precious daughter.

15873196_757809377708419_3758064488415674868_nFacebook/Kayleigh Haywood. Kayleigh’s Love Story

At the film’s launch, Kayleigh’s mom, Stephanie Haywood, delivered this powerful message:


We will never again see our beautiful daughter Kayleigh.

We won’t be able to cuddle her, to care for her or be able to protect her.

My heart aches every minute of every day. So does her father Martin’s and her brother Kyle’s, the hearts of our other children and of all those who knew and loved Kayleigh.

Our world changed forever the day that Kayleigh received that Facebook message. But we are determined that Kayleigh lives on, and not just in our hearts.

We want her to help protect children—today and in the future. When the police asked us, last December, if they could make a film about Kayleigh, we didn’t hesitate to give them our total support.

We wanted this film made. It serves as a warning—to children and to parents—of the very real dangers of online grooming.

We want every child aged 11 and upwards to see this film, both in this country and abroad. Because this film is our beautiful daughter’s tragic legacy.

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