Watch 10-Year-Old Twin Sisters Adopted Separately As Toddlers Be Reunited On TV—Tears!

Update: Good Morning America decided  these separated twins reunited SOONER was BETTER!  Check it out below!! Skip to 5 minutes in and start doing the UGLY CRY!

10-year-old Audrey Doering of Wausau, Wisconsin has three brothers—and her mom says she wanted an impossible Christmas gift this year—a sister. “The one thing she wanted for Christmas,” Jennifer Doering told her local news station,”in addition to a cello, was a sister.”

Knowing that would be a LITTLE hard to deliver, Jennifer set out to find something special anyway: some more information about her daughter’s family history. Audrey was adopted from Asia at 15 months old. Doering set out looking through old “finding ads”—an ad that is run in the newspaper when a child is placed for adoption. There, she found MUCH more than she bargained for: a picture of another child that looked EXACTLY like Audrey.

“We just happened to stumble upon an extra picture and from there we were able to find that there were two of them,” said Jennifer.

Some research soon confirmed that Audrey did indeed have a twin, and that the girls were separated at 15 months old and adopted by two different families. The good news? Audrey’s twin was also in the United States. Her name is Gracie Rainsberry, and she lives in Washington state. Though the two have not yet met in person (they will soon), they are already skyping and becoming fast friends.

Jenny Rapson
Jenny Rapson
Jenny is a follower of Christ, a wife and mom of three from Ohio and a freelance writer and editor.

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