8 Common Signs of Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is a debilitating condition in which life doesn’t feel the same as it used to. It’s much different than your mother’s depression and no, it is not the same as the baby blues. Postpartum depression can cripple you from sustaining a normal and enjoyable life. It can cause you to become a hermit of a person and even the smallest tasks can feel like a marathon.

I know, because I suffer from Postpartum Depression (PPD).

I say suffer in the present-tense because even after 18 months postpartum, I am still fighting for my life. I am still trying to dig my way out of a bottom-rock depression which led me to believe that I was worthless and that my family would be better off without me.

Maybe you are a first-time mom and you are feeling a bit different. Have you thought it could be postpartum depression, or are you brushing your feelings off in hopes that it would go away? If you are showing the signs of postpartum depression, it’s so much better to get help now than to wait.

If you recognize these signs of postpartum depression in someone you care about, please, be there for them during this difficult time.

The 8 Common Signs of Postpartum Depression

1. Extreme sadness



Laura Bower
Laura Bowerhttp://excuse-the-mess.com
When she’s not chasing after her two tiny humans, Laura blogs about postpartum depression and struggles with motherhood over on her site, excuse-the-mess.com.

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