5 Essential Phone Apps That Will Save Your Sanity as a New Parent

As a new parent, your phone is an invaluable resource for assistance with nearly any parenting task, from finding public restrooms on the go to managing your stash of breast milk. Apps can also help you track your baby’s development, so you can spend more time bonding with your little one and less time writing stuff down. Set your phone up with an arsenal of specialized apps to help you get prepared for parenthood.

Keep in mind that single-purpose apps are much more user-friendly and efficient than bloated apps that do-it-all, which is a blessing for busy new parents who are juggling the demands of a newborn.

Essential Phone Accessories

Consider getting a good waterproof case for your phone before it falls victim to spills, spit-ups, and other sticky messes. Verizon recommends LifeProof cases to keep grime and moisture away from your phone’s internal components without blocking access to the screen, buttons, or ports. This is a good time to get a portable phone charger for your diaper bag as well.

It’s easy to forget to charge your phone when you’re using it all day and during those late-night nursing sessions! Kindred Bravely recommends keeping a portable charger in your diaper bag along with some other often-forgotten essentials. When your phone is ready to handle the demands of parenthood, try out some of the following parent-pleasing apps.

5 Essential Phone Apps That Will Save Your Sanity as a New Parent

1. Milk Maid

Breast pumping apps like Milk Maid can help you keep track of your pumping output and how much your baby is eating. Milk Maid is also great for organizing and managing your stash of breast milk, so you can quickly see how much you have stored in the fridge and how many days your stash will last. The app can also help you calculate the length of your pumping sessions so you can make adjustments to your schedule and plan your day a little more easily.

2. Squat or Not

New parents need quick and easy access to bathrooms for impromptu baby changing on the go. This is where the Squat or Not restroom finder app can come in very handy. Squat or Not consists of pins on a map indicating where you can find public restrooms nearby, with cleanliness indicators and photos of the bathrooms. The app is great for parents because it will let you filter your bathroom search by baby changing table availability as well as accessibility—which may be important if you’re toting a stroller around town.

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