If You’re a Mom Who Tries, You Are Enough

I’m a mom who tries.

If you can say that, then you are enough.

When you wake up in an anxious state and have a very unsettling feeling about the day to come…you try.

With every mouth that talks back, with every load of laundry that needs to be folded, and with every toy that you clean up, more gets dumped out…you try.

With every mouth that says “Ew, that’s yucky,” pushing the food you cooked across the table, with every sink full of dishes, with every mess made that pokes at your anxiety…you try.

With every tear shed, with every yell to get your point across when you should have been more patient, with all the words you regret as soon as they flow from your mouth…you try.

With every “I’m sorry,” with every drink refilled, with every nose and butt wiped, with some days being harder than others…you try.

Every time you think this mom thing is way harder than you thought and want to give up…you try.

As moms, we try so hard, so our little people make it through the day in one piece.

We try because these little people who we love more than anything depend on us.

We try because we want them to be the best versions of themselves.

And if we love our kids to the point where we’d take a bullet for them,

to the moon and back,

and love them more, always.

And we try no matter what,

then we are enough.


This post originally appeared at Living FULL, published with permission.

Danielle Sherman-Lazar
Danielle Sherman-Lazar
Dani Sherman-Lazar is an eating disorder advocate, Vice President of a transportation company, and a mother to two daughters. Follow her on her blog Living a Full Life After ED and like it on Facebook. Her book Living FULL: Winning My Battle with Eating Disorders is available for pre-order on Amazon.

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