This Mama’s Back to School Prayer Will Have You on Your Knees Before She Gets to “Amen”

Some days, though . . . some days it feels near impossible to find something redeeming. Those are the days we thank God for nap times or bedtimes or chocolate hidden on the top shelf of the pantry. Right? Some days (like the ones a few weeks from now, when we’re rushing from piano lessons to dinner to DO-YOUR-HOMEWORK to the bathtub?) hearing that we must redeem the time feels too.hard.

So rather than looking at that verse and hearing all the things I MUST NOT DO as a mom (because good grief, who needs more of THAT?!), this year I’m taking a more positive, proactive approach. I’m leaning on David’s words this time, from Psalm 90, when he asks God to teach us to number our days.

Ahhh, yes. That feels better. Numbering my days will redeem this time God’s given me with my girls — and, as David prays, give me a heart of wisdom. (And if there’s one thing I do need as a mom, it is wisdom!)

The school year begins for us today, and this is my back to school prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father,

Teach me to number my days.
Teach me to count the joy in the delightful and the disgusting,
to count the beauty in the hard and the happy.

Teach me to hold on — and to let go, but always to lean on You.
Teach me to love them, Lord, the way you love me.

Teach me to rest in your peace, even when I’m standing in chaos.
Teach me to remember your Truth, even when we face lies and loss.
Teach me to keep my eyes on you, God — and to point my girls to you as well.

Teach me to redeem this time, this season, this phase –
to remember that you are in this, with me, holding up my arms and holding them, too.

Teach me to be humble and to learn, even as they learn this school year.
Teach me to be strong and to persevere, just as they will press on this year.
Teach me to number my days and give me a heart of wisdom, Lord.

Teach me to love you and to love them every moment, every day, every season, every year.



This post originally appeared at Mothers of, published with permission.

Mary Carver
Mary Carver
Mary Carver is a recovering perfectionist, wife, and mom of two daughters who blogs about family, faith, food, books, and sometimes her favorite TV shows at her blog, Giving Up on Perfect. For more Mary, you can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter.

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