19 of The Best Halloween Boy Costume Ideas for Brothers

Now that I’m a boy mom, Halloween is even more fun because I can dream all of the fun Halloween costume ideas for my boys!

Oh, and sneaking their Reese’s isn’t too bad, either.

I’m a sucker for out-of-the-box and adorably creative Halloween costumes. I’ve been roaming over Halloween costume ideas since practically the end of August and I’ve come up with a list of all of my favorites. Now to decide which ones to dress my boys up as…

Here are 19 of the Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Brothers.

1. Chef and Lobster



Ridiculously adorable. Need I say more?

Via Pinterest.


2. Lloyd and Harry from Dumb and Dumber

Halloween Costume Ideas

You can even make your very own Mutt Cutts wagon.

Via Pinterest

3. Ninja turtle and a slice of pizza

Halloween Costume Ideas

Nobody loves pizza more than a Ninja turtle.

Via: Claudine Marie


4. Football player and his football

Halloween Costume Ideas

This football will be handled with caution.

Via Blue I Style


5. Firefighter and his dalmation

Halloween Costume Ideas

Every firefighter needs his dalmation pup.

Via Still Living


6. The Guy in the Yellow Hat and Curious George

Halloween Costume Ideas

An adorable choice from this classic children’s cartoon.

Via Larissa Another Day.


7. Spanky and Alfalfa from The Little Rascals

Halloween Costume Ideas

The perfect costume for your little rascals.

Via Pinterest


8. Cop and Robber

Halloween Costume Ideas

There is no crime being committed here (except being too cute).

Via Costume Works


9. Batman and Robin

Halloween Costume Ideas

Every Superhero needs a sidekick.

Via Germanpascual


10. Ronald McDonald and a Happy Meal

Halloween Costume Ideas

This creative costume will have your wallet say I’m Lovin’ It.

Via Pinterest


11. Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World

Halloween Costume Ideas

BFFs Wayne and Garth make a hilarious (and adorable) duo.

Via Costume Works

12. Willy Wonka and an Oompa Loompa

Halloween Costume Ideas

Give your boys the golden ticket of costumes this year.

Via Costume Works


13. Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story

Halloween Costume Ideas

When you have a brother, you always have a friend.

Via Ashley Mellott

14. Mario and Luigi

Halloween Costume Ideas

Push play with this adorable and easy costume.

Via One Good Thing by Jillee

15. Excavator and Crane

Halloween Costume Ideas

Adorably creative for the little builders in your life.

Via Danielle Bartran

16. Stuart and Bob from Minions

Halloween Costume Ideas

A perfect Halloween costume idea for your little minions.

Via Mamy Antenada


17. Doc and Marty McFly from Back to the Future

Halloween Costume Ideas

You don’t need to go back in time to recreate this oh-so-cool costume.

Via Simply Real Moms


18. A Monkey and a Banana

Halloween Costume Ideas

Can you think of a better pair?

Via: Nicole Kapos


19. Peanut Butter and Jelly

Halloween Costume Ideas

…maybe I can.

Via  Twiniversity

So there you have it! 19 of the best Halloween costume ideas for brothers. I hope this sparked your creativity and remember — keep it simple when it comes to dressing up your boys for Halloween!

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When she’s not chasing after her two tiny humans, Laura blogs about postpartum depression and struggles with motherhood over on her site, excuse-the-mess.com.

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