Target is Selling Wheelchair-Friendly Halloween Costumes for Kids With Disabilities

As families across the nation gear up for a night strolling around the neighborhood, getting hyped up on candy, Target is making it easier than ever for every child to have the Halloween costume of their dreams.

That’s because in addition to the countless Anna and Elsa gowns that are sure to make their way to your doorstep this Fall, Target’s ‘Hyde & EEK Boutique’ has a full line of wheelchair-friendly costume kits for those in wheelchairs this Halloween.

With several options available including a pirate costume, a princess costume, and a unicorn costume, children with disabilities can now add a Halloween flare to their set of wheels!

“For the longest time, our disabled children were shut out of certain costumes or felt like their chair distracted from their amazing costume,” says dad, Brian Germann.

But not anymore!

These aren’t just your average costumes made to fit over a wheelchair. They’re strategically engineered to make wearing the costume, and decorating the chair, a breeze.

Target Halloween

“This boys’ pirate costume is thoughtfully designed with openings in the back that lend ease of dressing, along with leg openings that are wide enough to put the pants on while keeping shoes on — perfect for giving kids who use wheelchairs an extra hand and a sense of comfort.”

The costumes run for $20 each, while the wheelchair covers are available for an additional $45.

It’s just one more way Target is doing their part to include all children everywhere. After all, Halloween should be no different for a kiddo in a wheelchair than it is for their peers. Thanks to these wheelchair-friendly costumes, it doesn’t have to be. 

Bri Lamm
Bri Lamm
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