How to Re-discover Your Holiday Spirit When the Christmas Season Feels Flat

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? Are your halls all decked?

I haven’t—and mine are not. I also haven’t flipped over to the radio station playing non-stop Christmas music since it began a couple weeks ago, and I’ve only bought two presents.

Christmas craft tutorials seem to make me twitchy this year, and a conversation about finding a date for my favorite family gathering of the year left me in tears.

It seems I’ve lost my holiday spirit.

I know it’s the most wonderful time of the year. I know! But while I’m not quite up to Grinch status yet, I’m definitely not feeling holly or jolly about the upcoming festivities I normally look forward to each December.

The holidays can be hard. Sometimes our circumstances color how we handle special days and everyday days and all the days in between. But sometimes, for no reason at all, it might just be hard to find your holiday spirit. And when that happens, what do you do? Well, I’m still working through this, searching for a spark of holiday spirit myself. But here are a few things I’ll be trying this week.

Cut the clutter.

Don’t worry. I’m not suggesting you deep clean the house or alphabetize your spices. No need to start that craziness ’til January, am I right? But it’s possible that clearing some space in your life might open up room for Christmas—and, yes, for Christ.

I know for me, a messy dining room table (and, you all, it is almost ALWAYS a mess) makes it much harder for me to be productive. I see the mess and I get overwhelmed and I don’t know where to start with anything and, well, nothing gets done.

Mary Carver
Mary Carver
Mary Carver is a recovering perfectionist, wife, and mom of two daughters who blogs about family, faith, food, books, and sometimes her favorite TV shows at her blog, Giving Up on Perfect. For more Mary, you can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter.

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