Mama, You Can Be Blessed And Still Want More

We all do it! You, me, my friends and everyone that I know. We all do it and probably without even thinking about it sometimes. We want more! But does wanting financial freedom, more children, a different job or really wanting more of anything in abundance make us ungrateful or less blessed for what we have now? In my opinion, NO! And although you may not agree with me, hear me out.

You can be blessed to have a career and still want more for your life in terms of a job. You can work your life away in a job that you are stagnant at, or you can move on and experience the change your mind is longing for. YOU CAN!

—You can be blessed with the children you have and still want to grow your family. Whether that be biological, foster, or through adoption. Remember, it is your choice, and nobody else around you should get an opinion on how big your family is, as long as you can afford it!

You can be blessed to be a mom and still want a life for yourself that includes self-care, gym time, eating right, and time with friends. And do I dare say, you can be a great mom, and still want ALONE TIMERemember self care IS NOT selfish.

You can be blessed to be a mom, and still like working in your profession. On the other hand, you can be blessed to be a stay at home mom and still wonder what happened to that girl that used to get dressed daily, had a professional title and had a life outside of the home.

—You can blessed to love those kids of yours, and still get to so frustrated at the fact that they have destroyed your house, did not nap for long, or given you a moment to sit down today. Girl, motherhood is not easy, I get it!

You can be blessed to have a spouse and still want to ring their neck when the laundry isn’t done, there is dishes piling up and you haven’t had a shower today and they “need to sit for a moment.”

—You can blessed to have kids and put them to bed early, to enjoy time with your husband, read a book or watch your favorite television show.

Stop Grateful Shaming Others

Girls, let’s be honest. We are all so guilty of saying “just be grateful.” In my opinion there is a difference in being grateful and being blessed, and still dreaming and wishing. I do not mean that you wish for more money, bigger houses, nicer cars or celebrity style lives.

No, be blessed in the life you were given but NEVER stop wanting to be better for yourself or your family. Never settle for less than you deserve regardless of what it takes to get there. Run your marathon even if you have to check your kids in to childcare for an hour. Date your husband even if you have to pay for a babysitter and leave the kids. Consider a career change, even if it’s scary. Be blessed to be home with those babies BUT do not feel ungrateful if you miss the working girl.

We have lived in a world where people think that you can either be happy with what you have OR, you can have the desire to want more and look selfish and ungrateful. This thought is so far from the truth and we have to get away from this!

Girl, be grateful while also pursing your dreams and aspirations. Be blessed AND keep dreaming!

With Love,



Dana Brady
Dana Brady
Dana is a mom to three boys biologically along with daughter through the gift of adoption. She is a full time middle grade educator with a passion for writing. Dana is the creator of Live Simply Blessed blog where she hopes to share her journey of living simply blessed and encouraging others.

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