Kids Rejoice: Toys R Us and Babies R Us Are Making a Comeback

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In our daily comings and going’s, my family and I often drive past a now defunct Toys R Us store. Every single time we do, my seven-year-old son laments the toy store’s fate. He will often ask me why the store went out of business, and I’ll try to explain but it’s mostly because people like to shop online these days. But he’s a kid, and he doesn’t like to shop online. He likes to go to the store. Specifically, the toy store. More specifically, Toys R Us.

So, I think my little boy will be especially thrilled with the news I’m about to report:

Toys R Us is making a comeback.

That’s right, it was in the Wall Street Journal, so you know it must be at least mostly true. The WSJ reports that Toys R Us’ controlling lenders “intend to revive the business behind the Toys ‘R’ Us and Babies ‘R’ Us brand names.” Apparently, these lenders still see the value in the retail branch ofToys R Us because, the WSJ  reports, their goal is to “create new, domestic, retail operating businesses” while maintaining its licensing of certain products worldwide, according to court documents filed Monday.

WOOHOO! Sort of.

I’ll be honest, like most busy moms I do prefer to shop online. My favorite thing about Toys R Us was when my kid had birthday money to spend and I could take him there and witness his excitement about purchasing something of his own. For the most part, I did not personally prefer to do my shopping there. However, even last Christmas, just a few months before all Toys R Us stores closed, I was suckered into buying my kiddo a couple of “Toys R Us exclusive items” there. So I’m not immune to its charms.

I’ll admit though, I’m a bit skeptical about whether the business people involved can successfully revive this former retail toy giant. I’m just not sure it’s possible in today’s economy. However, I do think that there is hope for Babies R Us and that that brand stands a bigger chance of a successful comeback. Many new parents still like to go to the store and pick out their baby things personally. They like to feel, test, and touch them. They like to do a baby registry so that their friends and family know what gifts to purchase for their new arrival. So, in my eyes, things look a little more positive for the Babies R Us brand. But, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Are your kids going to be excited when Toys R Us comes back? Will you shop there if they do? It’s still unclear how many stores they will re-open and in what markets. But I know for sure I have one little boy who’s hoping one will come to our area.

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