A Look Back on 2020—Here are 15 Good News Stories to Restore Your Faith in Humanity

It may feel like the world is overflowing with opinions these days, one thing we can all agree on, is that 2020 has tested our faith in humanity.

Between a global pandemic, a national stay-at-home, months of isolating with your family, murder hornets, masks, heinous murders of our black brothers and sisters, protests, the Black Lives Matter movement, and a new normal of social distancing while still being unsure about what is safe in public, the start to the new decade has been quite the minefield.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed like never before, and hardened by the news-grenades that shake up our feeds on what seems like an hourly basis these days. But friends, there is still GOOD happening in the world.

Lately, I’m reminded often that the news media—while it exists to inform—does more to breed fear, destruction, and division, than anything else. And I’m constantly reminded of John 10:10, in which Jesus said: “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

In need of some good news, we compiled some of the best good news stories the internet has to offer. Our hope is that they serve as a reminder of the positivity that is still happening despite the chaos that is 2020.

Here are 15 Wholesome Good News Stories to Restore Your Faith in Humanity

1. This 11-Year-Old Girl who became pen pals with hundreds of USPS workers.

After writing a letter to her post man, 11-year-old Emerson became the recipient of hundreds of letters from USPS workers around the country. After her father’s Twitter thread about Emerson’s “wild ride” with USPS went viral, Taylor Swift even sent Emerson a package!

2. These Las Vegas Shooting Survivors Got Married to Each Other


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After he saved her life during the Las Vegas Massacre in 2017, these two tied the knot in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic of 2020!

3. This Amazon delivery driver praying over the house of a sick child

Derek and Raquel Pearson’s 8-month-old son, Lucas, has a heart condition and difficulty eating. Doctors warned that if he contracted coronavirus, Lucas could go into respiratory distress. When Amazon delivery driver, Monica Salinas, saw a note on the family’s door that their son’s food was essential, she felt led to pray for them–and it was all caught on camera.

4. This college student who created masks for those who are hearing-impaired


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Ashley Lawrence, a student at Eastern Kentucky University studying education for the deaf and hard of hearing, created re-usable masks for the deaf and hard of hearing community.

“I felt like there was a huge population that was being looked over because we’re all panicking right now, so a lot of people are just not being thought of,” Ashley said.

5. This 15-year-old who beat cancer and was greeted by a social distancing parade


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After finishing her final round of chemo, Coco was surprised by her family, friends, and community with a social distancing parade to celebrate BEATING CANCER!

6. This Black Lives Matter protester who carried a counter-protester to safety


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7. These nurses who used their only free time on shift to pray on the roof

When you have a few extra minutes at work you take the time to go to the Helipad and pray. We prayed over the staff in…

Posted by Angela Gleaves on Monday, March 30, 2020

“To pray is to turn over kingdoms.

To kneel in humility and uncertainty of the times toward the certainty of Love and Peace is an act of holy war against anxiety and fear.

To silence the voices of doom before the presence of God and stand in prayer for our colleagues fighting in every minute, here and all over the world.” -Commoners Communion

8. This single dude who adopted a little girl with down syndrome 

Bri Lamm
Bri Lamm
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