Mark Wahlberg Listens to Old Voicemails To Keep the Memory of His Mom Alive

There are many ways to keep a loved one’s memory alive. Looking through photos, journals, and home videos help soothe the hurt after a family member passes. And for Mark Wahlberg, he just wants to hear the voice of his mom.

Alma Wahlberg passed in 2021. She was the mother of nine children — Arthur, Paul, Jim, Robert, Donnie, Mark, Michelle, Debbie, and Tracy. Alma also appeared on the family’s reality show, “Whalburgers.” As the matriarch of the family, was adored by family members and the public alike. She openly shared about her experience raising boys.

Alma also talked about being a single mom to successful actors, singers, and producers.

Mark Wahlberg found a way to listen to the voice of his mom

According to TODAY, Mark Wahlberg regularly listens to his mom’s voicemail messages and other recordings.

One such recording is an interview with Shenielle Jones from TODAY and Alma.

Sheinelle had interviewed Alma and members of the Wahlberg family over the years. Sheinelle mentioned, “For me, she was the true meaning of the word matriarch. She always talked about how you would call her every day. And she would say, ‘Call your mother.'”

In a past interview from December 2018, Alma shared, “I look at them and every single one of them are good people. They help people and I couldn’t be prouder.”

This interview has been viewed well over 200,000 times with thousands of comments. Here’s what viewers had to say.

“I just heard of the passing of Mrs. Wahlberg. I feel really sad today. I used to watch the TV show and I have always really liked her she was the ultimate cool mom. My condolences go out to all of her kids. They were such a loving close knit family and that does not happen every day.”

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