The First Time I Had Sex

God obviously heard me, because moments later, an old man with a long white beard, wearing brown burlap-looking clothes and sandals appeared about 20 feet behind me. Even though his face was not visible under his hood, he started to shout to me above the noise of the crowd, that I had promised I would wait until my wedding night to have sex. He said I should honor God and not give up. I turned around twice and told him I would keep my pact with God. I said, “I promise, I’ll wait. I promise I won’t have sex until my wedding night!” I took two more steps forward in my flashy high heels in the middle of this crowded street and had a minor heart attack. How in the world did this old man know what I was going through and telling God moments before?

Sure enough, when I quickly turned around the third time – he was gone. I know God sent an angel that night to let me know he understood my pain, frustration, fear, anger and was there to encourage me to keep on the right path and trust that He had my best interests at heart. Four years later, Luke entered the scene and God definitely knew what was best for me. I will cherish this pivotal moment for the rest of my life.

The following Rebecca St. James video “Wait for Me” is a great reminder of why I wanted to save myself for marriage. I played it for years at hundreds of youth events. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

God will bring the right person in His perfect timing. God wants you to trust Him and focus on serving Him now, so you’ll meet your best friend while you’re serving the Lord. How cool is that? And if you’ve already been sexually active, God forgives, forgets and that is NOT who you are as a person. Your past is not your identity. You can make better choices starting at this very moment.


This article originally appeared at The Counter Culture Mom.

Tina Marie Griffin
Tina Marie Griffin
Wisconsin farm kid turned Hollywood actress, Tina Griffin earned a BA in Film and TV broadcasting from California State University – Los Angeles and has become a leading pop culture expert. When she isn't traveling and speaking, you will find her busy producing radio spots, blogging, cooking, homeschooling her 4 munchkins or having a romantic date night with her best friend - husband Luke. Tina’s mission is to encourage others to live with integrity and to use their talents to create positive change in their culture. Learn more about Tina and her mission at her website, The Counter Culture Mom.

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