Bode and Morgan Miller Welcome Baby Boy 4 Months After Daughter’s Drowning

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Olympian Bode Miller and his wife Morgan welcomed a new baby boy into the family this week, just four months after losing 19-month-old daughter Emmy in a tragic accidental drowning. The couple have yet not yet released the baby’s name, but they did share a picture of him with the TODAY show via their midwife.

“Exactly one month before Emmy’s second birthday… the sun rose and they knew this day would be different. An overwhelming feeling of joy started to fill a valley of deep grief and sadness,” midwife Lindsey Meehleis told TODAY.

“Morgan’s fingers grasped onto their son, who filled such empty arms,” she added. “While nothing will ever replace the feeling of aching arms to hold Emmy again, this baby provided something new this day: joy, inspiration and hope.”

The baby is the couple’s third child together. Bode Miller also has two older children from previous relationships.

In August, Morgan Miller bared her soul on Instagram, showing her final picture holding her dying daughter and saying: “I wish I could have one more day to hold you, but until that day comes, continue to work through me and give me the strength to bring awareness, my love,” the grieving mother wrote. “I told you as I held you in this moment that you could still change the world, you could still move mountains.”

The Millers are trying to change the world in their daughter’s honor by spreading the word about drowning prevention and water safety. They are also trying to help other parents who lost a child in an accident by sharing their story and helping to remove the stigma.

Bode Miller told CBS News in August that “We have people come up to us [where] it’s really hard [for them] to address [us]. They don’t know what to say, they don’t want to cause you more pain and they don’t want to dodge around the subject,” he said. “But the fact is, breaking that stigma and making it a conversation that you can have with parents who have, unfortunately, experienced it firsthand is one of those really important steps.”

“It’s an open conversation where you know that laughing and joking doesn’t mean it’s gone … it’s just part of our lives now,” Bode continued.

I cannot imagine the crazy mix of joy and grief that comes with welcoming another child after you’ve lost one. All my prayers are with the Millers at this time — prayers of thanks for this new life and prayers of continued healing as they go on without their precious daughter.

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