Dear Passenger Seat, Thank You for Being Along for the Journey

Dear Passenger Seat,

As car passenger seats go, you’ve been alongside me for a long time. Like a faithful friend, you have carried my precious two beings and even the family dog. You’ve been a holder to backpacks, Chick-fil-A paper bags, and sneakers that get routinely dropped before getting in. You’ve weathered spills from water bottles, drops from fallen tears, and tolerated heat through containers when hot breakfast moved with us on the go. You’ve been next to me while I waited in school pick-up lines with snacks that go crunch, only to be left with fallen crumbs by famished teens. 

Linda Tang
Linda Tang
A Boston native, Linda lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two daughters. While she has enjoyed a career working in publicity at 790 KABC TalkRadio, Miss Universe and 'TEEN Magazine, she enjoys encouraging moms through written content on Facebook, at, and at Shaping Your Identity in Motherhood. A published author in the young adult demo, Linda also enjoys writing fiction for the children's and teen market.

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