To the Overwhelmed Mother Who Just Can’t Do This Anymore

She tries to honor the instinct to care for others in every woman she meets.
She tries to remember that she is not  blessed, called, or special simply because she is a mother.
It’s true. She may be an oft-overwhelmed mother, but she’s many other things too. Good thing the mothers in her life has prepared her well, because in all things she moves through this world with kindness, goodness, fierceness.


She tries to honor the ways men in her life lean into their vulnerability
and nurture those around them.
She thinks this is a gift from God who is both Father and Mother.

But most of all..
She tries to hold days like Mother’s Day lightly.

Because on weekends like this something else waits at the door to devour…
Division and Isolation

So, I’ll resist it with all I can because I was once an
Overwhelmed Mother.

I know the darkness and the lies.
I know the severe stillness of isolation.

So, I’ll be as Kind as my Mama Diane and say to those of you who mourn because you cannot have or have not had a baby
“I will not let the pain devour you. I will hold you and protect you.”

I’ll be as Sweet as my OBGYN and say to those of you who feel like motherhood is swallowing you whole
“You will be ok. You are not alone. This is not your fault”

And Finally, I’ll be as Fierce as My Mama Missy and say to those of you who need it
“I’m praying for you. I’ll fight for you. I’m here for you.”

I will resist division. For you.

This Mother’s Day.
And Always.
Shalom,  my Sweet Sistas,



This article originally appeared at Shalom In the City.

Osheta Moore
Osheta Moore is an ENFJ mama who loves parties, people, and popcorn with red wine. A pastor's wife who is convinced God has a sense of humor. A Peacemaker who loves Jesus a lot and cusses... a little. An optimistic cookbook reader. A hopeless romantic. A goofball with a little bit of sass. Find her writing at

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