The Two Minutes You Need to Punch Out Mom Guilt and Make Motherhood Great Again

Now, go get yourself a tissue and clear your blurry eyes so you can come back and read the rest of this. I’ll wait.

I think part of the reason why Hollis’ video assault on mom guilt hit me so hard is because I know it is true.

I have written a few articles on this myself. I know and believe without a shadow of a doubt that God made ME to be my babies’ mom (even though they are a far, far cry from babies right now. My oldest is fourteen and like five inches taller than I am). I know and believe that as Hollis says, God made me and my baby “to be a pair.”

I know this.

So, why am I so hard on myself? Why do I have to remind myself of this over and over again? Why am I always comparing myself to other moms and comparing my kids’ lives to the lives of their peers?

From house size to activity roster, why am I letting mom guilt and comparison steal my flippin’ JOY?

WHY? I only know I have to stop it. Because in addition to all I’ve said above, I also know this: I do not have to feel guilty and stressed and nervous about my mothering. And though feeling some of it is natural, at some point it also becomes a choice.

Today I will not choose mom guilt. I will choose joy.

I know full well that I will likely have to make this same choice tomorrow, and the next day, until it starts to stick for a little bit longer.

But I’m committed to reminding myself to make the right choice. To not only believe that God has made me for more, but to ACT like I believe it.

Mama Friend, will you make this good choice today, too?

You are the best mom your kids could ever ask for. Believe it.

Thanks, Rachel.

Jenny Rapson
Jenny Rapson
Jenny is a follower of Christ, a wife and mom of three from Ohio and a freelance writer and editor.

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