We Are Raising Our Sons To Be Men

My husband and I are raising our boys to be men.

We are training them to be strong, courageous men who are skilled in many things from financially providing for their families to changing their own oil.

We believe that a man was created by God to lead. We know that he made a man to be strong enough to carry the burden of life yet gentle enough to rock his newborn baby.

And this culture screams at us that men are toxic and dangerous. They try to feminize our men by reducing them to laughable characters who make dumb jokes. They have set their sights on destroying the best characteristics of men.

So, we are raising ours to listen less to the culture and more to their Bibles.

Because a man who leads his family well is a treasure to all who know him. A man who knows when to speak and when to listen is a gift to his family. A man who knows when to use his strength and when to walk away is a valuable member of society

This world needs men. Are there toxic men? Absolutely. I was raised by one. Are there toxic women?  Certainly. I’ve known several.

The problem is not with manhood. The problem is not with womanhood. The problem is with sin!

So we are raising our boys to be men. Men who can mow grass and can cook dinner. Men who work as partners with their wives in carrying the weight of a family. Men who aren’t afraid to speak truth into a world drowning in confusion. Men who can mop the floors and change their own oil.

And we are teaching our girls some of the same things. (See the picture of my girl changing the oil with her dad in the comments.)

Because this life takes teamwork. It takes two people committed to serving God first and then their families.

So while the world is lost in the chaos of trying to define men and women we will be here raising our boys to be men of God. The way God designed them.

Jenn Kish
Jenn Kishhttp://www.facebook.com/sprinklesinmycloset
Jenn Kish is a popular southern blogger, motivational speaker and Christian writer experienced in developing non-fiction narrative for a variety of parent-centric publications. She challenges women throughout the nation to do hard things daily. Jenn and her husband Jared are raising six children together in the mountains of North Georgia. When she is not blogging or working on her upcoming book, Jenn can be found hiding in her closet eating sprinkles.

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