6 Tips For Surviving a COVID-19 Summer With Your Kids

4. Stay connected.

Take the time to continue to stay connected with others (both your children with their friends and you with other parents, family and friends). You can schedule virtual play dates or do a drive-by visit to friends and family.

5. Incorporate academic time.

Help prevent summer learning loss by infusing some fun academic activities like reading and online activities from local museums.

6. Get help.

The last few months have been a whirlwind for most families, and everyone has been doing their best to stay afloat. Most families haven’t processed how the coronavirus has impacted their mental health and will continue to do so. Take some time over the summer to check in on your mental health and seek support for you and your child if you need it. It could be anything from helping you to manage your child’s behavior at home to helping manage your child’s worries and fears.


The FIU Center for Children and Families offers a wide range of evidence-based telehealth services for families in need during this time. Visit their website to obtain more information about their services and free resources for families during this time.

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