‘You Can’t Fix Her’: To the Man Whose Wife Has Anxiety

Even with all of her advice, Laura acknowledges that the solution will be different almost every single time. It won’t always be clear, but there is still one thing you can do that will help every time.

“Sometimes the answer won’t be so obvious. Sometimes she won’t even know the answer is to what she needs, but so long as [you’re] patient with her, she will feel your love.

She or you won’t benefit if you get frustrated, it’ll just escalate and make both of you miserable. She doesn’t want her anxiety to define your relationship and when you are patient, you’re telling her you’re willing to do the same.”

The mother of two reiterates how heartbreaking anxiety is for the person who lives with it, saying she wishes she could just “feel free.”

“Free of the voice that follows her listing all her insecurities.”

Laura closes with a heartfelt message to all of those men who are seeing this, reminding them that they too are loved, and cherished, and appreciated — even when mental health prevents their loved one from expressing that.

“She appreciates you, she loves you. She’s vulnerable and scared. But she chose you to share her biggest deepest scar tissue that resides in her heart, and she knew the day she met you that you were the one worthy enough to see her in all her imperfections. She will love you with that whole heart, and you know she will because she’s already listed the pros and cons…and just as you are by her side she will be fiercely loyal to yours. Forever and ever, you just to need take her hand and tell her, ‘I am with you.’

Love, A wife, a woman and a mom who has anxiety.”

Bri Lamm
Bri Lamm
Bri Lamm is the Editor of foreverymom.com. An outgoing introvert with a heart that beats for adventure, she lives to serve the Lord, experience the world, and eat macaroni and cheese all while capturing life’s greatest moments on one of her favorite cameras. Follow her on Facebook.

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