5 Things Your Teen Needs From You

3. Your teen needs you to let them make mistakes. One of the best teachers in life is experience, and sometimes those experiences aren’t necessarily good ones. Our kids need to make mistakes. They need to suffer the consequences for poor decisions. They need to learn how to fix a mistake. If we are constantly fixing their mistakes for them, then they never learn this important skill.

4. Your teen needs you to set boundaries. While our older kids are asking for more independence, they still need that independence within boundaries. They need to know where the lines are that they can operate within. Believe it or not, when you set boundaries for your kids, they know it means you love them.

5. Your teen needs you to pray for them. Our kids are dealing with all sorts of changes as they get older. They’re learning to navigate friendships and other relationships. They’re learning who they are and who they want to be. And they need us to pray for them. Prayer is a powerful tool in our parenting arsenal. We should use it often.

If your kids aren’t little any more, it takes a different kind of parenting to raise them. But one thing is true, your teens still need you.

Lori Fairchild
Lori Fairchild
Lori Fairchild is a wife and mom of two active girls. She writes at her blog, Everyday Truth, a site inspired by her feeling that God wanted her to teach her kids to follow him through all of life's little moments. She hopes you will find  encouragement and ideas on this site to include conversation about God in the everyday moments in your life. You can also find Lori on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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