The Marriage Advice I’d Give My Younger Self On My Wedding Day

A couple of weeks ago I watched my daughter walk down a flower-edged aisle dressed in crystal beads and lace. It was then that I thought of all the marriage advice, that I had previously given her. With her final step, she let go of her father’s steady arm and locked eyes with the man who captured her heart.

She was radiant. And he was in awe as he gazed upon his bride. What a beautiful sight.

I sat there … taking it all in.

For a few moments, I let myself wander back. Memories of her as a young child washed over me like a gentle breeze.

How she always lined up all her dolls in a perfectly straight line on the floor. How she dressed in multiple outfits at the same time and declared it perfect when she gazed at her reflection.

When she awkwardly tried her hand at mascara and lipstick and vowed make-up was never going to be “her thing”. And when I first noticed the smile in her heart when she met the man standing before her under a canopy of fresh greens and blossoming hydrangeas.

I want so much for their marriage to be void of conflict, hurt or troubles. To be a lifetime of perfect days like today. Nothing but fresh flowers, romance, and great expectations.

But, marriage is not a road without bumps and unexpected twisty turns.

I know – I’ve been on that road. Sadly, my road ended in divorce many years ago.

We made a lot of mistakes along the marriage road and I struggled to get it right.

Pam Blosser
Pam Blosser
Pam Blosser is a professional, single mom living in Miami, Fl. She is the mother of two wonderful children and a Morkie named Mickey. She also leads a singles small group in her home every week. She writes about her faith journey at Journey to Him, a blog she founded (read how that evolved here). She reveals her heart as she encounters God through single parenthood, career, dating, and everyday life. She hopes to lead others into and through their faith journey one trial and triumph at a time.

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