10 Water Safety Tips: From a Mom Who Investigates Drownings

Other Water Safety Tips:

  • Swim Lessons Save Lives
  • Learn CPR – Drowning patients need oxygen – give air first!
  • USCG approved lifejackets only – no arm floaties or inflatables
  • Designate A Water Watcher / Swim with a Lifeguard
  • Always use pool barriers and layers of protection
  • Enter the water feet first
  • No running
  • Stay hydrated / protect yourself from the sun
  • No drugs / alcohol
  • All water is dangerous – even inches
  • Always swim with a buddy
  • Lost / Missing kids – always check the water first

I hope this helps and gives you some practical water safety tips for improving safety during your water-related activities. Share this information to hopefully prevent any more drownings. Stay safe and vigilant!


This post originally appeared at Aquatics Tribe, published with permission.

Natalie Livingston
Natalie Livingston
Natalie Livingston has been in the aquatics industry for over 25 years. She has been a lifeguard, lifeguard instructor trainer, swim instructor, camp operator, waterpark operator, aquatics industry consultant, scuba diver, water sports enthusiast, and beach lover. Natalie is passionate about water safety and training and education. She currently lives in Murrieta, California with her husband and two kids: Sailor - age 9, and Maxton - age 6.

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