‘After my boys were born, there were appointments. They were well taken care of. Then there was me.’

After my boys were born, there were appointments.

To check their latch.

To check their weight.

To check their hearing.

To check the colour of their skin for signs of jaundice.

There were appointments.

There were regular pokes and prods.

Their well-being was front and centre.

I’d say, when it comes to our health-care system, they were well taken care of.

Then there was me.

A first-time mom without a clue.

Engorged, bleeding, and stitched up.

Sent home with some painkillers and stool softeners.

Thrown into motherhood with the expectation my instincts would kick in.

That I would know how to handle colic and late-night feedings.

That breastfeeding would come as nature intended.

That my husband would sense my spiral into depression.

That I would know how to live in my new and very foreign body.

That this stomach wouldn’t make me feel hideous.

And my mind wouldn’t make me feel less than they deserved.

No one poked me.

No one prodded.

Anneleise Lawton
Anneleise Lawtonhttp://AnneleiseLawton.com
Anneliese is a Canadian wife, mother, and writer. She has one handsome hub, a spunky pooch, and two rambunctious boys (ages three-years-old and nineteen-months). By day she's a wife and mother - by night she's an ambitious woman with big dreams for herself and her family. She's the voice behind the popular blog, Grown Up Glamour by Anneliese Lawton, where she leaves no topic off-limits.  It is her hope in her writing to inspire, empower and help other women find joy and peace within themselves.    

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