5 Things I Wish People Knew About My Son’s Dyslexia

What I wish people knew about my son’s dyslexia is that it doesn’t make him stupid or slow.

Just because he struggles with reading and writing doesn’t mean he’s not capable. Just because he has a hard time understanding his right from his left doesn’t mean he’s dumb. Yes, some of the things that are ‘basic’ or ‘easy’ to you might be complicated for him. And yes, he might do things that make you shake your head or roll your eyes.

But he’s not stupid; he just learns differently.

What I wish people knew about my son’s dyslexia is that it doesn’t define him.

He may carry his learning disabilities like a badge plastered to his chest, “This is what’s wrong with me.” He may get down and discouraged on himself and the things he can’t do. He may feel like his life is centered around tests, and assessments, and people who are constantly talking about his needs.

But his dyslexia isn’t who he is; he is always a person first.


This post originally appeared at MyMomishMoments.com, published with permission.

Marisa Donnelly
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