I’m a Good Morning Mom, But Bedtime Mom is Tired

Bedtime Mom is TIRED.

Bedtime Mom has already worked a 16-hour day and she just needs everyone to get in the shower and brush their teeth already.

Bedtime Mom grumbles and huffs when everyone whines about a snack before bed so she throws a few chocolate chips in a bowl and calls it good.

Bedtime Mom doesn’t like to help with pull-ups or PJs or ‘Where’s my blankies??’ or ‘I NEED my babies!’ because she CAN’T DO EVERYTHING AROUND HERE!!

Bedtime Mom has absolutely no tolerance for sibling squabbles. None. Just NO!!!

Bedtime Mom is snippy and impatient and worn out and counting the minutes until she can go get in the tub for a some quiet time so she shushes a lot and says things like ‘LAAAAY DOOOOWWWN!!!’

I always feel a little guilty about Bedtime Mom.

But here’s the deal.

I love her too.

Bedtime Mom stays the course. She has stamina and dedication.

Bedtime Mom reads books and rubs backs and whispers prayers and kisses temples and steals a few whiffs of the tops of heads as she turns out the light to ‘Love you…see you in the morning’ before she collapses on the couch for some ice cream knowing in just a few short hours she’ll be up to do it all over again.

Bedtime Mom has grit.

And that’s exactly the kind of Mom I want to be!


This post originally appeared on the Today Parenting Community, published with permission.

Mikala Albertson
Mikala Albertson
I’m Mikala and I LOVE stories. I love writing MY story. And my greatest hope for writing is to give you PERMISSION…permission to release your grip on all the ‘should do’-s and ‘have to’-s and comparisons and ‘I’m not measuring up’-s and encourage you to just be free to LIVE YOUR LIFE. This one. The life God has planned for you…however imperfect. In this body with this spouse and these children in this house at this job with these parents and these circumstances. This plain old, good hard, Ordinary Life…this beautiful life. Won’t you join me in being Ordinary, On Purpose???

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