We’re Changing Our Family Traditions This Christmas. Here’s Why.

Last year, my Christmas Day schedule went a little something like this:

8 a.m.: Exchange presents with my husband and our 5-month-old

9 a.m.: Pack up presents for my parents, along with approximately 3,000 bags/play yards/general baby items

9:30 a.m.: Lug baby, carrier, baby items and presents up three flights of stairs in approximately 500 trips

2:30 p.m.: Bring baby items, presents received, and oh yeah, the baby down three flights of stairs

3 p.m.: Arrive home to let the dog out, drop off new presents and pack up presents for husband’s side of the family, then turn around and leave again

3:30 p.m.: Unload baby, carrier, baby items and presents in approximately 500 more trips

7 p.m.: Pack up baby and baby items and presents received to go home and begin bedtime routine

7:01 p.m.: Promise to never do this again

Did I mention the middle of the night wake-up where my son was screaming so badly from over-stimulation that I almost took him to the emergency room?

Jessica Gomez
Jessica Gomezhttp://writerjessicagomez.com
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