Hilariously Inappropriate: Daughter Gives the Wrong Card to Preschool Teacher

Ruby, like many four-year-olds, already knows quite a bit. But, she’s not quite ready for reading and knowing which card to choose.

The story was picked up by the TODAY Show and subsequently sites from around the world.


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Williams posts, “Giving this a place on the gram to live forever. Because never in my life did I think one of my kids would be a competing top story next to a Kardashian.”

And, the story continues as it involves Williams’ husband

Josh Williams, Brinn’s husband and Ruby’s father, works for the husband of the preschool director. Williams was mortified, right along with his wife.

Photo courtesy of Brinn Williams

The Williams family has since created a space for Ruby to create notes and cards for others—complete with her own set of supplies.

If you have an avid crafter on your hands, consider grabbing some paper and simple supplies to make butterfly creations.

Janna Firestone
Janna Firestone
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