7 Ways Your Child Can Be Happier and Have Better Experiences

Since then, there’s been another study released by BYU which supports the results of the research outlined above. This latest study asserted that by having positive childhood factors like good neighbors, a regular diet and home life, and a protective home environment, the harmful effects of childhood experiences could potentially be negated.

There are so many pressures today to make it harder for our children to live safe, happy, and healthy lives. We focus so much on excellence in school, their safety online and protection from cyber-bullying, and more, that we can easily forget the basics to make sure they’re happy beyond childhood into adulthood. 


Ellie Coverdale, a lifestyle and career writer for Australian Reviewer and Write My Australia, loves to share her education and happiness tips with her audience. She is a big proponent of modernising the education system to focus on more concrete ways to teach and support our children. Ellie also works as a writing teacher for UK Services Reviews.

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