Artist’s Heartbreaking Comic Shows the Brutally Honest Reality of Divorce



This is how divorce played out in Mac’s life as a child, and sadly, this scenario has been played and re-played for hundreds of thousands of kids over the past few decades as divorce rates have climbed.  Of course  not all divorced parents handle it this way, thankfully, but no matter what the case, we do know this: divorce is always tragic, and not what God intended families to go through. However, it is sometimes unavoidable and even necessary.

What we can ALL do to support families is to ENCOURAGE our friends who are married to stay that way if at all possible. It takes hard work and it’s not always pretty, but  it’s worth it! However, we can also recognize that not every marriage can be saved, and we can come along side those broken-hearted spouses and kids who are going through the pain of divorce and love and counsel them through it. This may mean moral and financial support, it may mean caring for and mentoring a child who is not your own but who needs and extra “parent,” or it may mean pitching in to meet this family’s needs in other ways. It’s important to let your divorced friends know that no matter what’s going on with THEIR family, they are still a part of yours, and of God’s.


Photos:MAC via Bored Panda

Jenny Rapson
Jenny is a follower of Christ, a wife and mom of three from Ohio and a freelance writer and editor.

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